Games That Teach Play Carpet Wall to Wall

This item is available as an area rug or as wall to wall carpet

  • This game board carpet has a surface made for playing hopscotch, backgammon, Chinese checkers, checkers, Parcheesi®, chess and many more games that kids and adults love to play. This design also has the alphabet, numbers 1-10, and mathematical symbols.
  • The Games That Teach Kit contains all the pieces necessary to play chess, Chinese checkers, tic-tac-toe, backgammon, and Parcheesi, along with an instruction booklet for each game. PLEASE NOTE: The Games That Teach Component Kit does not come with the carpet, but it can be ordered separately.
  • Durable enough for the highest traffic areas
  • Class 1 Fire Rated for commercial use
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • CRI Green Label Plus Certified

NOTE: The pattern repeat is 3'. Therefore, this carpet can only be ordered in 3' increments.Save