About KidCarpet.com

KidCarpet.com was the first store to specialize in kids' rugs and high quality classroom rugs. We are also the only place where you can buy directly from the factory, so we can offer huge savings on classroom rugs and carpets for play. And select rugs will leave our warehouse in 3-5 business days (click here to see our Ships in 3-5 Days category), which is very helpful when facing the "back to school" time crunch!

Our carpet mill maintains the most innovative and unique carpet printing machinery in the world. Compared to other educational suppliers where the product is printed with 256 dpi (dots per inch) technology, we manufacture and create our carpets at 625 dpi. What this means to you is a more crisp, detailed image with superior definition and clarity.

KidCarpet.com was founded in 2000, when owner Jim Banks realized that the internet would provide a much more efficient way to market and sell kids' rugs. At the time, the retail price on the approximate 8’ x 12’ size rug was about $500. By utilizing the advertising, sales and distribution savings of the internet, we were able to cut that price down to about $350 or $400 for many years. And now we have been able to eliminate the “middle men” in the industry and reduce the price on our Factory Direct rugs down to about $280 (with Free Shipping) for the popular 8’ x 12’ classroom size rug. We have blazed the trail in saving the education system of the United States (as well as moms everywhere) literally MILLIONS of dollars! And we are not finished yet. By continuing to grow our sales and build efficiencies into our children's rug production, we are going to continue to try to lower the prices even further! So tell your friends about us and come back anytime you need a children’s rug or carpet. The number of designs that we offer will be going up, but our prices will be going down!

KidCarpet.com has been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2001. We have an A+ rating and we have NEVER received a complaint. Check out some of our satisfied customers by clicking here