Floors That Teach Round School Rug

Style: Floors That Teach Round
Area Rug Size: 8' Round

  • An innovative colorful, long-wearing commercial carpet. All 26 letters and 10 Numbers are represented on the carpet. These letters and numbers are ideal for teaching letter and number recognition, color recognition, visual discrimination, phonics rules, math facts and more.
  • PLEASE NOTE: A Component Kit is available but does not come with the carpet. Please see the Floors That Teach rectangular carpet order page to order this kit separately. The Component Kit is an accessory kit for the Floors That Teach Rug. Each kit includes four oversized bean bags, flash cards, a spin board, 26 letters, and ten numbers, along with an instruction booklet for each game.
  • Durable enough for the highest traffic areas
  • Class 1 Fire Rated for commercial use
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • CRI Green Label Plus Certified