ABC Rainbow Seating Rug 36

SKU: FE701-70A
Style: ABC Rainbow Seating Rug 36
Area Rug Size: 12' x 12' Square
    Also available in 24 Squares and 30 Squares
    • This classroom seating rug is a exclusive design
    • This multi-functional classroom rug is a great tool for teaching the alphabet, organizing the class and providing a bright and cheerful centerpiece in the classroom. Based on feedback from teachers, we use darker colors on our seating rugs because lighter colors, such as yellow, show dirt very easily.
    • Squares are approximately 19.75" x 19.75"
    • Durable enough for the highest traffic areas
    • Fire rated for commercial use
    • Proudly made in our factory in the USA
    • CRI Green Label Plus Certified