Picking out colors for the nursery

Picking out colors for the nursery

We often hear about choosing colors for a nursery rug, and I remember when my kids were babies, we were told that the most stimulating colors were black white and red and soothing colors were pastel yellow and blue. Well the good news is that the color theme for Junior's nursery doesn't seem to matter much after all. Here is a short excerpt from an article that I found pretty interesting: 

Choose your colors
The age-old notion that pale pink is for girls and powder blue is for boys has been thrown out like last week’s diapers. Sherbet orange, lime green, and bright turquoise can be seen adorning the walls that darling will call his or her own.

But, the question of whether or not pastel colors soothe an infant or if bright colors make babies feel restless is still a question that baffles most parents-to-be. Glen B. Earl, Ph.D., offers some insight. “Colors have no affect on newborns, however, by 2-3 months they can begin to distinguish between colors; at 6 months they can see color,” he explains. “Infants are not soothed or become restless by colors.  At first, infants cannot even see colors and as they get weeks/months older, there is no meaning attached to colors - except as a means of learning and interest.”   http://pregnancyandbaby.com/pregnancy/articles/945515/how-to-decorate-the-baby-nursery-like-a-pro 

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