Kid-Tastic Quality

This is similar to the carpet many people have in their home, yet strong enough for commercial use. It is durable, and very stain resistant. This carpet/rug is made of 100% nylon. The Kid-Tastic rugs have serged edges for long wear. Serging is a sewing process that gives the rug edges a nice finish and prevents them from fraying.

  • Class I Fire Rating (meets government and school requirements)
  • Mold and Bacteria Resistant
  • Stain Resistant

The serging around Kid-Tastic is made from very strong fiber. Unfortunately, however, it can still be damaged. Damage can result from many things, such as: cutting it with a sharp edge during opening, some types of abrasive cleaning equipment, children picking at it, etc. Therefore, our warranty on the serging is as follows: Customer can ship the rug to us at their expense (usually about $20 to $100, depending on the size). We will then repair the serging for free. We will then ship the rug back to you for free. Care must be taken not to vacuum over the serging. If you prefer, it is suggested that repairs be made using a hot glue gun at the first sign of fraying. This will prevent the serging from fraying further.

Carpet Specifications

Kid-Tastic 20 oz
Kid-Tastic 30 oz
Traffic Rating
Pile Fiber
100% Invista 6,6 nylon. Nylon is the strongest carpet fiber on the market. Our 20 oz carpet is stronger and more durable than our competitors carpets that are made from polypropylene, which will mat and look worn more quickly
100% Invista 6,6 nylon. Nylon is the strongest carpet fiber on the market. Our 30 oz carpet is our heavy line of solid carpet/rugs. The weight of the carpet does not really affect overall durability (with proper maintenance). It is simply made of more carpet fiber, which makes the pile a bit taller and denser.
Cut Pile
Cut Pile
Dye Method
Beck Dyed
Beck Dyed
Stain Treatment
Scotchgard ®
Scotchgard ®
Pile Weight
20 oz.
30 oz.
Pile Height
1/4 inch
5/16 inch
Total Weight
47 oz. per square yard
57 oz. per square yard
Lifetime Limited Wear Warranty
Lifetime Limited Wear Warranty

Flammability Test Results

Test Method Meets or Exceeds Class I Rating
Radiant Panel >.45 watts/cm sq; Class I (ASTM-E648)
NBS Smoke <450 flaming and non-flaming; Pass (ASTM-E662)
Methanimine Pill Self Extinguishing (DOC-FF-1)