Blocks Seating Rug MULTI With 36 Squares

SKU: FE702-70A
Style: Blocks Seating Rug MULTI With 36 Squares
Area Rug Size: 12' X 12' Square

    Also available in 24 Squares and 30 Squares

    • This classroom seating rug is a exclusive design
    • One of our most popular classroom rugs, the Blocks Seating Rug is designed with personal space and class organization in mind. This rug seats up to 36 children. Based on feedback from teachers, we use darker colors on our seating rugs because lighter colors, such as yellow, show dirt very easily.
    • Squares are approximately 2' x 2'
    • Durable enough for the highest traffic areas
    • Class 1 Fire Rated for commercial use
    • Proudly made in our factory in the USA
    • CRI Green Label Plus Certified