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The Homebased Classroom

By Sandra Shackelford  •  0 comments  •   1 minute read

The Homebased Classroom

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is much uncertainty surrounding the 2020/21 school year. Many parents are opting to continue distance learning or homeschooling versus traditional classroom learning. There are pros and cons to both, but ultimately the best choice is up to the child and how they learn best. If you are considering distance learning, homeschooling or a model of education that involves your child spending most of their time in a home environment, it can be crucial to set up a place that helps them get in the right frame of mind for learning. A place that separates the “home classroom” from the “home” can help foster that shift in mental receptiveness to learning.

Feel like you may need a home classroom makeover? Below are some links with great tips, but may we suggest investing in a classroom rug? What better way to make a cozy and inviting learning environment in your home than with a cheerful educational rug? A kid’s rug can help create that dedicated space for learning. Depending on your focus, there are so many incredible designs you can choose from. There are alphabet and number rugs, nature themed rugs, outer space rugs, and just fun simple patterns. No matter what you choose, setting up a dedicated learning space is a great way to encourage your child to focus on their studies.

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