Decorating the Church Nursery

Decorating the Church Nursery

Besides being safe for kids, the church nursery should be a vibrant, colorful, kid-friendly area.

The nursery is no place for “untouchable” furniture or decorations; it needs to have lots of touchable textures that are easy to clean. A tough prescription you say?

Not really.

Decorate the church nursery with your kids in mind. Take a kids’ eye view before getting started with your decorating plans. Add your safety knowledge and you’ll have a winner!

You may choose to go generic with the decorations. That is decorating without a specific theme. Just clean, colorful shapes and images that interest kids or may be a plethora of Bible images. Most nursery leaders I know choose a neutral theme for the walls and carpet but pick a specific theme, like Noah’s Ark for the decorations. Using themes makes it easier for donors to know what to give and themes excite the actual workers too. has a wonderful selection of religious themed area rugs and carpet for your church nursery or day care. Check them all out here: 

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