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Classroom Themes

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Classroom Themes

How to create a classroom theme and why they are beneficial

I found this great blog post on how to create a classroom theme and how they can be beneficial. has such a huge selection of factory direct classroom rugs that we can cover just about any theme you can think of at incredible prices! Credits are posted at the bottom of this segment, but below are a few of the highlights I'd like to share. Be sure to check out the free planning guide at the bottom and be sure to browse our all amazing area rug designs!

Benefits of a classroom theme

  • It enables a teacher to create a cohesive, well-planned look that is exciting to students. 
  • Teachers who use them report that the parents and administrators have taken notice and complimented them on their efforts. 
  • Themes can be developed over time with elements added slowly. 
  • Using a classroom theme as opposed to simply decorating with a color scheme (or no plan at all) enables teachers to incorporate items they may already have at home or items that are readily available at party stores and dollar stores. 
  • A classroom theme shows creativity in a time when standards and testing are taking over.

Classroom Theme Ideas - for each idea listed, we have a rug to match it! Just click on the theme to see our respective design(s).

Free Classroom Theme Planning Guide


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