5 fun and practical playroom decorating ideas

I found these 5 fun and practical playroom decorating ideas that I had to share but I saved the best tip for last! 

 1. Whiteboard wall – set up a wall with a large whiteboard or use whiteboard paint on the wall. Just add dry erase markers and a chalkboard eraser and kids instantly have a grand scale area to be creative! The wall can be easily cleaned for a fresh canvas. If you mount a large whiteboard instead of using the paint, a bonus is the ability pin things up with magnets!

  2. Shelving with cubes – keep books and toys organized in neat little cubes. Why a cube? Well those cute little fabric bins are great for keeping the toys organized in any which way your kid prefers. GI Joes in one, My Little Ponies in another, and by the way, never let them touch. Also, the small cubes keep books from sliding and falling over.


 3. Washable paint – walls get dirty when little hands covered in PBJ slide across them. Bright colors in a washable paint base make it easy to remove dirt and sticky stuff from walls. Just about every major brand has a washable paint available.

 4. Bean bag chairs – super fun and inexpensive, bean bag chairs can be found in an array of bright colors. Kids feel cozy and these chairs can take a lot of bouncing on!

 5. An area rug with a kid friendly design – I told you I saved the best for last! Kidcarpet.com has hundreds of designs to choose from! Space themes, nature themes, sea themes, bugs, jungle animals, etc. Sky’s the limit. Wait, we literally have a Sky’s the Limit Learning Rug! Check them all out here: KidCarpet.com Factory Direct Rugs


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