Why buy from Kidcarpet.com? What you need to know before you buy
KidCarpet Quality

This is similar to the carpet some people have in their home, yet strong enough for commercial use. It is durable, and very stain resistant. This rug is made of 100% nylon with serged edges for long wear (unless you are buying it for wall-to-wall installation). Serging is a sewing process that gives the carpet edges a nice finish and prevents them from fraying.

  • Class I fire rating (meets school and government specifications)
  • ActionBac ® backing for superior wear
  • Static resistant
  • Mold and bacteria resistant
  • Industry leading stain treatment
  • Dustmite resistant

The serging around KidCarpets are made from the strongest nylon on the market. Unfortunately, however, it can still be damaged. Damage can result from many things, such as: cutting it with a sharp edge during opening, some types of abrasive cleaning equipment, children picking at it, etc. Therefore, our warranty on the serging is as follows: Customer can ship the rug to us at their expense (usually about $20 to $40, depending on the size). We will then repair the serging for free. We will then ship the rug back to you at our expense. Care must be taken not to vacuum over the serging. If you prefer, it is suggested that repairs be made using a hot glue gun at the first sign of fraying. This will prevent the serging from fraying further.

Please note that the carpet backing can scratch hardwood and other hard flooring surfaces. If you will be placing your KidCarpet on a hard surface, we recommend placing some type of carpet pad underneath the rug.

Construction Cut Pile
Pile Fiber 100% Type 6 Crimsed Nylon
Gauge 1/8
Yarn Denier 17 Per Fiber
Twist 3.75
Stitches Per Inch 11
Pile Weight 26 oz.
Pile Height 1/4"
Primary Backing Woven Synthetic
Secondary Backing ActionBac ®
Stain Treatment Force 5 ® and Stain Shield ®
Width 12'


Bleach Resistance* Yes
Wear Warranty - Area Rugs Lifetime Limited Wear Warranty
Wear Warranty - Wall to Wall 10 Year Limited Wear Warranty


Flammability Test Results  
Radiant Panel ASTM-E648 / NFPA 253 / FTM Standard 372
Flammability (Pill) DOC-FF-1-70 and ASTM D 2859 Passed

Wall to Wall Warranty:

If carpet is properly installed and maintained and the surface pile in any area abrasively wears more than 20% within 10 years it will be replaced after an independent testing service determines wear. Warranty does not cover tears, burns, pulls, cuts, pilling, matting or damage due to improper use or improper cleaning agents or methods, nor does it cover carpets installed on stairs or outside areas. Labor and pad not included.

Area Rug Warranty:

Rugs will lose no more than 20% of the yard during the useful life of the rug commencing at the time of purchase. Warranty covers abrasive wear only. Warranty does not cover tears, burns, pulls, cuts, pilling, matting or damage due to improper use or improper cleaning agents or methods, nor does it cover rugs on stairs or outside areas.

*Bleach resistance means that a bleach/water solution may be used if necessary. It is always a good idea to minimize the amount of bleach that is used on nylon carpet. There is no guarantee that bleach will not affect the color if too much bleach is used or if the solution is left on the carpet/rug for too long.